The Lower Room of the Robin Hood Society

Once upon a time the workings of the British Parliamentary system were a closely guarded secret.  Those in power didn’t want the rest of the population to know what they were discussing in their debates, and severe penalties were inflicted on any who dared to ‘leak’ information from either the House of Lords or Commons.  Of course there were plenty of ‘leaks’ often published as the workings of a fictitious society such as the Lower Room of the Robin Hood Society.


History records that many religious systems have worked in the same way.  The secret knowledge that gains you access to the divine is available only to the privileged few.  Not so the Christian faith which reveals a God who falls over backwards to make Himself known by ‘becoming flesh and dwelling among us’ in the person of Jesus, ‘who is the image of the invisible God.’


Only since 1909 has Hansard published an accurate account of every debate in the Houses of Lords and Commons, now freely available to anyone to find on line.  By contrast the Bible records that since the creation of the world God has made plain His invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature.

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