Love that won’t let go

In May 2019 four drunk schoolboys went on a rampage and destroyed the life’s work of the Market Deeping Model Railway Club. In just a few minutes the £30,000 display was ruined leaving the club’s members heartbroken. It looked as if their years of hard work had been lost forever.

But six months on and the display has been restored to its former glory. Crowdfunding raised over £100,000 and twenty-five of the club’s members spent 1,000 hours rebuilding what had been lost. It just goes to show what can happen when love and dedication are spurred into action.

It’s that same love and dedication to restore what has been lost that stands at the heart of the Good News of Jesus. Lives that have been destroyed through abuse, addiction and sin are lovingly restored by a God of endless patience and love. 

The Market Deeping Model Railway looked as if it was broken beyond repair, and it sometimes seems that lives are so damaged that any hope of restoration is forlorn. But the Gospel of Jesus says otherwise and the work of Jesus on the cross means that there is no life so ruined that it cannot be redeemed.

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