Leaving a review

On-line comments sometimes make for interesting reading. Take for example the comment posted by one Dr Montague underneath a YouTube video of a famous evangelist speaking on the subject ‘What is Christianity’.  I suspect that the good Dr had not watched the video because he wrote: ‘If you believe in the trinity then Jesus was god incarnate. In the Old testament god drowned babies and children in his flood and demanded cruel death sentences. Therefore Jesus drowned babies and children and demanded cruel death sentences…


You can’t deny that there’s a certain logic to his argument, but has he missed something?  Here’s another point of view, written by someone who lived during the time when God was doing all the things that so appal Dr Montague, ‘Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you…My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods.’


Those are the words of David, the greatest king of the Old Testament. To say that his life was something of a roller-coaster would be an understatement.  Filled with pain, mistakes, betrayal, heartache and loss he somehow discovered a relationship with a God of love, grace and mercy such that he could say ‘Your love is better than life.’

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