Las Vegas

Twice in recent years I have had the terrible privilege of standing with those who have lost oved ones in suicide bombings.  The utterly senseless and pointless loss of life creates a depth of grief so shocking and deep, that those affected are left utterly heartbroken and despairing.  For absolutely no good reason someone has deliberately chosen to take the lives of those most precious to them.  Their lives are changed forever.


In such moments there simply are no words that can be said.  There is no explanation that can be given, that could make any kind of sense, or in any way lessen the pain of those so traumatised.  And it’s in those moments that you realise that sometimes words are not needed at all.


Jesus once stood by the grave of one of his closest friends.  Beside him were his friend’s two sisters wracked with grief.  Jesus said nothing as they stood together.  The Bible simply records, “Jesus wept”.


There are no words that can truly make sense of what happened in Las Vegas last Sunday night, or bring comfort to those so suddenly bereaved.  But one thing I am sure of is this: Jesus wept.


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