King of beasts

With depressing regularity, we discover the devastating impact of our failure to look after God’s creation. With our backs turned toward God and His image in us faded, we exploit rather than steward His wonderful world. This time it is the turn of the humble donkey. First domesticated in Kenya and the Horn of Africa over 7,000 years ago this beast of burden transformed the world by carrying heavy loads over long distances. In some parts of the world they still do.

But now they are being slaughtered in their millions to provide a medicinal remedy of dubious value, and, as a result, depriving those who depend on them from their means of livelihood. We may hope that a new ban by the African Union will stall this dreadful trade.

Despite their humble state donkeys have been discovered buried with kings and rulers and sometimes even on their own. It was on a donkey some two thousand years ago that the King of Kings rode into Jerusalem. Like the donkey that carried him Jesus lived a life characterised by humility, and while the donkey bore Him, He was on His way to bear our sins on the cross. 

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