Keeping the light on at Christmas

Without a hint of irony, the president of the Sark Chamber of Commerce heaped praise in his island’s electricity company. He said that they had been ‘nothing but generous especially in the light of what has been going on in the last few weeks.’ He was referring to the fact that the island had come within days of having no electric light at all as economic pressure forced the closure of the island’s only generator. The islanders stockpiled candles, firelighters and matches and prepared for the lights to go out at the end of November. But at the last minute the island’s government came to the rescue, bought the electricity company and laid on Christmas power for free.


Like the tiny island of Sark the world is constantly faced with the prospect of walking in darkness – the darkness that comes from turning our backs on God who began creation with the words, ‘Let there be light’. At this Christmas time we remember Jesus was born as a light to shine in the darkness. The light he shines is provided free of charge and can never be shut down. So this year let’s join with the inhabitants of Sark and rejoice in the free gift of a light-filled Christmas.

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