Keeping an Open Mind

When Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain in the summer of 1492 the last thing he expected to find was America.  He wanted to find a navigable route westwards to the East Indies, but made the mistake of underestimating the size of the world.  While he imagined a journey of about 4,000km, the true distance was actually nearer 20,000km.  Undeterred Columbus named the local inhabitants ‘Indians’ and always refused to accept that he had not landed somewhere in Asia.


Worth keeping an open mind then as we embark on a new year – things may very well not turn out quite as we expect.  The Apostle Paul once set out on a journey to Damascus fully convinced that he knew where he was going and what would happen when he arrived.  But an encounter with Jesus made him realise that his view of the world was far too small; and rather than insist that he was right, in humility he accepted a different destination for his life.  He later wrote that rather than accept what we are told, we should allow the wisdom of God to transform our thinking.  If we do, he said, we will discover God’s ‘good, pleasing and perfect’ will for our lives1.


May that be our experience in 2017!


1Romans 12:1,2

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