Keep away!

We live in interesting times. Coronavirus is sweeping the world and for a short season at least changing the way we live. At the heart of our response is the need to avoid contact with those who are infectious. It’s the sensible thing to do. But here’s the story of a man who did the opposite:

One day Jesus came across a man covered in leprosy. This was not good news. While easily treatable today it was effectively a death sentence 2,000 years ago. The man was desperate and begged Jesus for help. In response Jesus did the unthinkable – he reached out and touched the man. Everyone watching would have gasped at this reckless act. They were sure that Jesus would contract the disease. But to their surprise not only did Jesus not get ill, the man got better. Instead of him giving Jesus what he had, he got what Jesus had!

As on many other occasions Jesus revealed the nature of the Kingdom of God with this one simple act. Everyone believed that in order to get close to God you first had to make yourself holy. Instead, in Jesus, a holy God drew near and made us holy.

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