Jesus is my GrabBag

Police Scotland recently tweeted, “September is preparedness month. Emergencies can happen at any time and it’s recommended to have a #GrabBag ready containing essential items including medication, copies of important documents, food/water, torch, radio and other personal items.”

The tweet caused some concern with a number worried that it might cause unnecessary panic, not least with all the uncertainty around Brexit!

But it does raise the question of how prepared we really are for any emergency that might come along. So often we react after the event rather than being prepared for it, and that’s fine when you get a second chance but what if you don’t?

Jesus once chastised a man who had given no thought to what he would do in the event of his death. He was a wealthy man living in luxury, but Jesus called him a fool because when he died, he would have to leave it all behind. He had made no provision for the emergency that would be his death.

But just what can you put in a GrabBag that will help you survive as you rush out of the door of this life. St Paul once said that all he needed was the cross of Jesus Christ. Jesus was his GrabBag.

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