It’s a deadly disease

I am praying for Donald Trump. Politics aside he is a precious human being made in the image of God. He has family and friends who love him dearly and who would be grief-stricken if his life were to come to an end. But his somewhat cavalier attitude toward Covid19 serves as a reminder that like it or not deadly diseases are just that. They are no respecter of persons and we ignore them at our peril. Much as we might like them just to go away, sadly they don’t.

For many years our modern world has ignored another disease even more deadly that Covid19. The Bible calls it sin and while we tend to think of such a concept as irrelevant and old-fashioned, it simply means to fall short. We all fall short of the standards we set ourselves and feel disappointed when we do so. How much more serious to fall short of God’s perfect standards? The Bible says much more serious. Sin leads to eternal separation from the God in whose image we are made. But we humans either deny the problem or think we can cure ourselves. 

The Good News is that in his love God has provided a cure for sin. His name is Jesus.

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