Is that really true?

On the first Monday of May 1980 elite forces from Britain’s SAS stormed the Iranian Embassy in London to bring to an end a 6 day siege and release over 20 hostages.  It being a Bank Holiday the duty reporter for the BBC was the unknown and inexperienced Kate Adie, and the story was hers to report as it unfolded live on TV.


Catapulted to fame Adie became synonymous with reporting from war zones around the world for the next 20 years.  She became so embedded in the public consciousness that when people were asked who had been their favourite reporter during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, nearly 60% named her.  But in fact Adie had retired from active reporting two years earlier and never set foot in Iraq during the conflict.


It just goes to show the importance of making sure that the things we assume to be true really are.  There are many who believe that the historical evidence for the existence of Jesus is sketchy or non-existent.  Why?  Because we hear this view constantly reflected in our culture and media and assume it to be true.  But a closer investigation of the facts reveals a different picture, and many are those who have come to faith in Jesus simply by taking the time to check the evidence.

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