In The Thick of It

While clearly far from perfect, Winston Churchill was a remarkable human being and one of the greatest world leaders of the 20th century. On 3rd June 1945, just days before the planned invasion of Normandy, he was insisting that he be allowed to sail from England and personally oversee the D-Day landings. It was of course an insane idea with the very real possibility of Churchill being killed and Britain having to find a new Prime Minister, just as the most important military action of the Second World War was getting underway. In the end it took two strongly worded letters from the King before Churchill grumpily conceded that he should stay behind.


It’s hard to imagine a modern Prime Minister wanting to be in the very thick of military action, and it reveals something significant about Churchill’s character and the weight of responsibility that he felt for the action that he had authorised.


In a similar kind of way the Bible speaks of Jesus as the “Word” who became flesh “and made his dwelling among us.” A God who could so easily have stood aloof from human suffering, instead inserted himself into the heart of the human condition; and as with Churchill the action speaks volumes about the character of the one who would do such a thing.

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