In or Out?

With the EU referendum in the UK now well underway, those of us with a vote are being asked to decide whether or not we would be better off remaining as members of the European Union, or whether we should leave. Every day we are being bombarded with information and opinion all trying to persuade that we would be ‘better off’ in or out. The reality is, however, that there is no one who can answer the question “What will happen if we leave?” It will be a step into the unknown and we will only be able to answer the question once we have done it (if we do of course!)


I have sometimes found people in the same dilemma over whether or not to believe in God, and more particularly, whether or not to trust in Christ. Indeed as a teenager I found myself in the same place – drawn to the character of Christ revealed in the Bible, but fearful of what would happen if I chose to follow him. Like the EU referendum there was, in the end, only one way to find out for myself, and that was to take the plunge and surrender my life to Christ. But unlike the referendum I had the testimony of Christian friends who were already following Christ, and who were in no doubt that it was the best decision they had ever made.

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