If only…

As once again conflict erupts in the Middle East, I’m reminded of a poem written by Steve Turner:

History repeats itself.

Has to.

No one listens.

While it may be true that wars are sometimes fought to defeat evil and defend freedom, the reality is that thousands will pay the highest price. Families are torn apart and traumatised, communities and livelihoods destroyed, and for those who survive the scars fade only slowly. If only we could find a way to live in peace. 

The problem is that human beings are prone to fight each other. We do so because of the selfishness of our human hearts. We want to impose our will on others and take what they have. So, if we truly want to live at peace and stop the cycle of endless conflict, then the starting point must be a change in the human heart. But how?

The message of the Bible is that through Jesus Christ we can make peace with God and have our ‘hearts of stone’ replaced with ones of flesh. If we can find peace with God then we may find peace with one another, and when we do that, we may finally discover that history stops repeating itself. 

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