Opened on the 4th August 2016 and rising some 500 feet into the sky, the i360 is the latest tourist attraction to grace the seafront of Brighton and Hove.  The viewing pod, which can hold up to 200 people, rises over 400 feet giving visitors breath-taking views of the city, and the Sussex coast.  Sadly for some of the first visitors, however, it wasn’t the views that took their breath away, but the terrible smells emitted by a fellow traveller with an upset stomach who spent the whole ride breaking wind.  The stench was so strong that adults were left choking and children reduced to tears, all desperate to get back into the fresh air!


Such is the power of smell – either to delight or appal us – and the Bible has a lot to say about the subject.  Speaking of the consequences of the Israelites’ rebellion against God in the Old Testament the prophet Isaiah declares, “Instead of fragrance there will be a stench.”  Rather more hopefully the Apostle Paul writes of those who have chosen to follow Jesus in these terms, “We are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ.”  Having experienced odours of all kinds I know which one I’d rather be!

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