We all hate Brussels sprouts

In the UK, its’ widely known that everyone hates Brussels sprouts.  Many of us have childhood memories of forcing down the over-cooked and bitter-tasting vegetables at Christmas – an unwelcome intrusion onto a plate filled with delicious roast turkey, potatoes and crisp Yorkshire puddings.  Clearly the meal would be improved by the removal of the offending veg.


In a similar way, many of us also assume that church is boring and irrelevant.  An assumption perhaps fed by childhood memories of being forced to sit through turgid services that seemed to last forever – an unwelcome intrusion into a life otherwise filled with fun and games.  Clearly life would be improved by the removal of the offending religion.


The truth, though, is that we actually love sprouts and munch our way through 1000’s of tonnes of them every year.  It’s not the sprouts themselves which are the problem, but rather how we cook them.


In a similar way someone’s childhood experience of church can be deadly dull and put them off for life, but that’s not how it should be.  Jesus came promising life in all its fullness.


I don’t mind a boiled sprout, but pan-fried with garlic and lardons takes them to a new level of tastiness.  I rather like my church done the same way!

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