Going against the flow

Driving in Lahore is an experience not to be missed! The roads are crowded with cars, motorbikes, donkeys, tractors, tuk-tuks, trucks and buses, some of them roadworthy. Lines on roads and traffic lights offer suggestions about the rules of the road but the rule of thumb seems to be that if there’s a gap you should take it.

One particularly interesting journey involves taking a short-cut across a 6-lane dual carriageway. This meant turning right out of T-junction and driving into 3 lanes of oncoming traffic for a hundred metres, before then turning across the flow of traffic through a gap in the central reservation and doing the same thing on the other side. This was especially exciting at night-time when many of the oncoming vehicles didn’t have working lights. It was amazing, though, how quickly we got used to this journey and accepted it as normal.

Such is the experience of those who follow Christ and find themselves being ‘in’ the world but not ‘of’ it. The call to follow Jesus is a call to live against the flow of cultural traffic. Strange at first it soon becomes the norm, and one day in the Kingdom of Heaven we will all be going the same way.

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