God’s Fireworks

If the Bible is correct in its assertion that ‘In the beginning God’, then perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised when we find his fingerprints in creation. In recent years medical scientists have discovered that when a male sperm fertilizes a female egg light is produced. The action of the sperm piercing the egg releases millions of zinc molecules which quite literally put on a magnificent firework display which can last for hours. Scientists have also discovered that the greater the light the healthier the egg.

So, no surprise that the opening verses of Genesis, the first book of the Bible, reveal the very same thing. In the English we miss it but, in the Hebrew, the ‘in the beginning God’ is masculine while the ‘Spirit of God hovering over the waters’ is feminine. And guess what? The action of male of female within the Godhead produced light, and at each stage of the creation that followed God saw that it was good. The greatest of lights producing the healthiest of worlds.

Now, of course, Genesis wasn’t written as a science textbook but as a book about the beginning of things. But how lovely, then, to see that science reveals and confirms what the original writers could not possibly have known.

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