If there’s one thing I really hate it’s gardening.  I don’t mind the easy stuff – like mowing the grass, or pulling out those weeds with the purple flowers that come out really easily, roots and all!  It’s all the digging and pruning I can’t be bothered with.  My problem is that the serious weeds don’t just go away by themselves, but are now deeply embedded in my garden that looks more like a rainforest than a rockery.


For many years I took the same approach to addressing the flaws that I knew were in my character – things like the selfishness in my heart, and the way I was so critical and controlling of others.  Like my gardening I tackled the easy stuff on the surface and left the deep-rooted issues alone – too difficult and painful to touch. But untouched roots only grow deeper and the plant that they support above ever more obvious.


If I want a beautiful garden I have to tackle the serious weeds, and if I want a more beautiful character I have to let the grace and love of God challenge, correct and heal me.

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