Freedom from Shame

Late one night a man was driving down a country lane when he accidentally hit and killed a pedestrian. There were no witnesses. Terrified of the consequences he drove off, repaired the damage to his car, and told no one. But he knew.


Twenty years later he walked into a police station and confessed. In the intervening years the guilt and shame of what he had done had taken their toll – he had turned to alcohol to numb the pain that he carried, and that in turn had led to him losing his job and then his family. Finally he could bear it no longer and turned himself in – he had to tell someone.


This true story may be an extreme example, but in some way we all carry the guilt and shame of past mistakes and failures. Over time they take their toll on who we are and how we relate to those around us. Jesus once had a conversation with a woman whose life was full of shame and past regrets. She tried to hide the truth from him but he saw right through her and lovingly told her ‘everything she had ever done.’ It can’t have been easy for her but the forgiveness and joy she found through him, set her free and changed her life forever.

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