Free Upgrade

Internet speeds in my village are pretty glacial, so a free upgrade to Superfast Fibre Broadband just before lockdown seemed like good news. Sadly, the day arrived and the internet stopped working. After several phone calls a visit from an engineer was arranged, but he decided he needed to climb a telegraph pole and wasn’t qualified to do so. More phone calls and another wait. Problem solved they said and went away. But it wasn’t. More phones calls and another wait for another engineer. He decided the problem was in the road underneath an inspection cover, but he wasn’t qualified to work in confined spaces. More phone calls and more waiting for yet another engineer. Finally, a result: you can’t have Superfast Broadband. So, four weeks after we started, our original service was reinstated.

This all goes to show that some promises to upgrade aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. Fortunately, the promises of Jesus don’t fall into this category. In the Gospel of John, he promises an upgrade to ‘life and life in all its fulness’ to all who will come to him. Two thousand years later he’s still busy making installations.

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