Forget Siri and Alexa

When I was a child accessing information generally meant either a visit to the library, and several hours spent trawling through an assortment of books, or finding someone who knew what I wanted to know. These days we just ask Siri or Alexa. But what about the times when they can’t answer our questions? 

Some years ago, I was faced with a large end of year tax bill that I simply couldn’t pay. The deadline for paying came and went, and now interest was being added and the debt starting to grow. After a number of sleepless nights worrying about what to do, it occurred to me that I might pray and ask Jesus for help. As I prayed and waited on God the name of a friend came clearly to mind, and I felt that I should ask them if they could help. I did so and to my surprise and relief they happily wrote out a cheque for the full amount. Not only that but they told me that the day before I had approached them, they had felt God speak to them and encourage them to be more generous!

So next time you’re stuck and neither Siri nor Alexa have the answer, try asking Jesus!

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