Following where my satnav leads

Well I’ll say this for my satnav – it’s taken me to places I’d never have seen without it. In the old days if I wanted to get from A to B, I’d get out my road atlas and plot what seemed to be the most obvious route between the two. I’d have no idea whether I’d picked the best route or whether there would be delays along the way. But now I leave it all to my satnav and follow where it leads.


I recently had to drive my daughter to London, a journey that can usually be done almost door to door on motorways. But this time an accident had blocked the road and so satnav took us on a different route across country. We passed through beautiful countryside and pretty villages that we would never normally have seen, and never saw the motorway. It was a far more interesting journey.


In a similar way I spent the first 17 years of my life planning what I wanted to do, always picking the most obvious route to any particular goal. But then I met Jesus and started to live by trusting Him to guide my life. Like satnav He’s taken me to places that I would never have seen otherwise, and I’m sure it’s been a far more interesting journey than the one I would have planned.

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