First on the scene

Elected to office on 26th August 1978 Pope John Paul I suffered a heart-attack and died just 33 days later. It was initially reported by the Vatican that his body had been found by his male secretaries Lorenzi and Magee, but in truth it was two nuns, Sister Margherita and Sister Vincenza who found him.

Why the Vatican was so reticent to tell the truth we will never know, perhaps there was some embarrassment that the Pope’s body was found by women and not by men.

By contrast the Gospels make no attempt to hide the fact that it was women who were the first witnesses of the resurrection. This could easily have been of some embarrassment to the early church given that women had no legal standing in society and could not be called upon as witnesses in a court of law. Surely having Peter as the first witness would have carried far more credibility, and how easy it would have been to have invented an account that made this the case. The fact that this didn’t happen goes some way to assuring us of the authenticity of the Gospel records.

However inconvenient, women were the first to discover the death of Pope John Paul I and they were the first to discover the resurrection of Jesus.

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