Firm foundations

For prospective homeowners nothing beats the sight of watching a new-build house rise from the ground. Rather less exciting is watching it disappear again. Such was the experience for many of those buying houses on the Darwin Green estate on the outskirts of Cambridge. Of dozens of houses that were built 83 were found to have ‘issues’ with their foundations. Thirty-six had to be demolished and another 47 given remedial work. With some understatement the developer apologised for the ‘negative impact’ the situation was having on those affected. Hard to think of anything more negative that having your home demolished.

In the Bible one of the Psalms asks this question, ‘When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?’ and then answers it with this assertion, ‘The Lord is in his holy temple, the Lord is on his heavenly throne’.

The Psalmist acknowledges that sometimes it can feel as if the bottom has fallen out of our world. That would lead many to the conclusion that there can’t be a God, but not the Psalmist. He understands that this life can be messy and painful, but he knows also that ultimately things will be OK precisely because there is a God who reigns over all.

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