Filling the Void

In a few weeks’ time the top of our dining table will once again emerge to serve it’s intended purpose as a place to eat.  This only happens on Christmas Day and it won’t be long before it reverts to its usual state as a dumping ground for all the things no one can be bothered to put away.  That’s what happens with empty spaces.


This week there’s much rejoicing in Zimbabwe as after 37 years Robert Mugabwe has finally been removed from power.  Despite beginning with such promise he somehow managed to turn the breadbasket of Africa into an impoverished state with little regard for the rule of law.  The question, now that he is gone, is whether what replaces him will be any better.  Hopes are high but only time will tell.


Too often we focus on getting rid of evil with no regard for how the void will be filled with good; the danger being that fresh evils will rush in to fill the gap and the last state will be worse than the first.  The Good News of Jesus is that the power of God can overcome all evil.  The only question is whether we will open the door and let Him in.

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