Famous by association

Being in the right place at the right time is all it takes to lift someone from obscurity to fame. Take for example Wyckoff van Derhoef. He happened to be in Belfast and needing passage home to New York at the same time the RMS Titanic was preparing to leave for Southampton. Setting sail on 2nd April 1912 the Titanic carried a skeleton crew, a snagging team from Harland and Wolff and a single fare-paying passenger – Wyckoff van Derhoef. He had no idea that his decision to board ‘the unsinkable ship’ would be the one that would cost him his life and put his name in the history books. But it did.

Such was the experience of Mary a young woman who happened to cross paths with Jesus. He healed her and she decided to follow him. So it was that she found herself standing at the foot of the cross and then wondering who had moved the stone from his tomb. As with Wyckoff van Derhoef, it was Mary’s association with a more famous name that guaranteed she would be remembered forever. We may not be able to follow in Wyckoff’s footsteps, but the resurrection of Jesus assures us that we can follow in Mary’s!

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