Faith and Fairy Tales

It’s sometimes suggested that belief in Jesus and the resurrection is the same as belief in Father Christmas, or the Tooth Fairy. All are figments of human imagination, childish ideas that we discard as soon as we learn to know better. But there’s an obvious problem:

Enormous numbers of children believe in Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy until they realise that these characters are make-believe. Unsurprisingly, therefore, I have yet to meet someone who decided to start believing in them as adults. By the same token numerous children grow up without any knowledge or experience of faith in God, but as adults begin to believe as the consequence of serious thought and enquiry.

So, CS Lewis, the famous 20th Century author and scholar, turned to atheism in his teenage years, appalled by the atrocity of the First World War. But he kept an open mind and after years of further enquiry came to faith in Christ in his early 30’s. Reflecting on the idea that God might be the figment of his imagination he wrote this: ‘God cannot be a figment of my imagination, because He is not at all as I imagined Him to be.’

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