Everyone needs a Time Lord

Well congratulations to Jodie Whittaker on becoming the first female Dr Who.  Like so many of my generation I regularly spent Saturday evenings watching TV from behind the sofa as Daleks, Cybermen, and those enormous maggots that came out of the ground, threatened the world with disaster.  As a child I was utterly terrified.  The good news of course was that Dr Who always overcame every foe and lived to fight another day.


As I’ve grown older I’ve realised that life can be full of fears that are not based in fiction but in the challenges presented by real life.  But at the same time I’ve also discovered the Lord of Time, a person not based in fiction but revealed in history.  A person who like Dr Who has the ability to confront and overcome every fear that might assail us.


Jesus and his disciples were once caught up in a storm on a lake that threatened to drown them all.  The disciples were terrified.  But Jesus simply spoke to the storm, “Peace! Be still!”, and the source of their fear was gone.  As in fiction so in real life – it’s always good to have a Time Lord on your side.

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