Every Hair Counted

The reopening of hairdressers in England will come as a huge relief to many. Worrying about what to do with our hair has been one of the pressing issues of lockdown. There seem to have been three options. Firstly, do nothing and just stick it out. Secondly, let a family member have a go, after all how hard can it be? Thirdly, do it yourself.

On the basis that if it all went horribly wrong, I wasn’t going to have to see anyone for a while, I went for option three. This was always going to be something of a challenge given that all I had available was a beard trimmer and not the first idea what I was doing. Long story short by the time I was done there was a lot of hair on the floor and not a lot left on my head. Indeed, six weeks on I still look like I’ve just had my haircut.

The good news is that Jesus has something to say both about worrying and about our hair. He told his friends that God knew them and cared about every aspect of their lives. In fact he said, ‘the very hairs of your head are all numbered’. 

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