Equal before God

Queen Elizabeth II will be remembered as one of the most famous monarchs in history. Her long reign was characterised by duty and service and touched the lives of millions. No wonder then that for her funeral some 500 heads of state and other dignitaries poured in from almost every nation on earth, and a global audience of 4 billion watched on TV.

But as this most famous servant was laid to rest, I was reminded of another funeral I attended some years ago. It was for a homeless gentleman who had sadly passed away. No one knew who he was, not even his name. The only people in attendance at his funeral were me, the Funeral Director and four pallbearers. The service was paid for by the local council and so every expense was spared.

Despite appearances the Queen and the homeless man had much in common. Both were made in the image of God and were loved by him. Neither brought anything into the world nor took anything out. Both fell short of God’s standards and needed a Saviour. These simple truths are universal and whoever we may be they are true for us. May we, therefore, follow the Queen’s example and follow Christ as she did.

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