The Easter Egg in the Toaster

Recently I found myself taking an Easter Egg out of our toaster.  It fell in some weeks ago when my daughter’s attempt to open the bag didn’t go very well.  As it had fallen right to the bottom I decided to leave it until ‘later’.  Sadly, as so often happens when we put things off, ‘later’ was starting to become ‘never’.


So what prompted me to remove it?  Well we were preparing to go away for a few days, and that long list of things that I’d been meaning to get around to for ages suddenly seemed really important.  Such is the power of a deadline to change something important into something urgent.


It strikes me that for most people the thought of doing anything about their eternal destiny is much like my Easter Egg in the toaster.  They know that it’s an issue that needs dealing with, but as it doesn’t interfere with daily life it’s something that can safely be seen to ‘later.’


But what if I run out of time and it gets too late?  And what if the discovery of an eternal life might radically change this life for the better?

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