Drinking to remember

Many may question the wisdom of Prince Harry’s very public baring of his soul in recent weeks. But no one can deny the emotional agony he’s been through. In his latest interview he confessed to drinking a week’s worth of alcohol in one night in order to stop feeling the feelings that had become so overwhelming. This is a well-worn path down which many have travelled. I’ve travelled it myself. The problem, of course, is that once the effects wear off the pain is just as raw and unresolved as it was before. How do we find the peace that we so crave?

At a last supper with his friends Jesus raised a cup of wine and said, ‘this is my blood given for you, do this in remembrance of me.’ Within hours they were plunged into an emotional frenzy as they watched him arrested and crucified, and waited helplessly expecting to meet the same fate. But after three day of emotional turmoil the risen Jesus met with them and said, ‘Peace I give you.’

So, it turns out that peace is to be found not in drinking to forget, but in drinking to remember the Risen One who is called the Prince of Peace.

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