Don’t worry, I’ll be OK

On the first day of Spring 2018 some 13,000 claims were made to one UK car insurer following a spate of accidents.  Unseasonably cold weather had gripped the country, much of which was blanketed with snow.  Weather warnings had been issued for days in advance, including the highest level of alert meaning that there was danger to life.  Police forces across the land advised people only to travel if their journey was essential.


Despite all these warnings thousands of motorists set out anyway, only to find themselves at best caught up in huge traffic jams, and at worst sliding off the road or crashing into others.  It demonstrates the remarkable capacity we have as humans to hear warnings and then ignore them on the assumption that somehow, they don’t apply to us!


It’s a common theme throughout the Bible as a loving God spells out the consequences of choosing to reject Him, while His people repeatedly do exactly that, assuming that they can safely ignore the warnings and that everything will be OK.  But warnings are issued for a reason, and whether it’s to stay off the roads in freezing weather or accept God’s offer of eternal life while we have time, we ignore them at our peril.

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