Don’t settle too soon

Setting out from Independence, Missouri in the mid-nineteenth century, early American settlers faced a 700-mile journey, fraught with danger and uncertainty, before they could reach the new life they longed for in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Twenty miles out from Independence a temporary camp emerged named Blue Camp 20. It marked the final boundary between a life safety and familiarity and one of risk and adventure.  Over time some of those who arrived at Blue Camp 20 decided the risks were not worth taking and decided to stay.  The camp became more settled, buildings and businesses replaced tents, and over the course of time Blue Camp 20 was renamed Little Santa Fe. Those who had started out with dreams of a new life lost sight of their original vision and decided to settle for a smaller version of what they had once hoped for.


In life we sometimes do the same; we begin with hopes and dreams of what we might one day become, but the journey to get there wears us down and in the end, we settle for a smaller version of ourselves.  By contrast Jesus always inspired people not to settle for less than God had created them to be, declaring ‘I have come that you may have life to the full.’

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