Don’t interfere

It’s the naturalist’s rule of thumb when observing nature not to interfere. Ecosystems are finely balanced, and nature should be allowed to take its course. But there are exceptions especially when a species is at risk. This week Planet Earth returned to our screens and featured the plight of the green turtle on Raine Island off the Australian coast. We watched as one female who had become trapped in the rocks was helped on her way by conservationists. It was a heart-warming moment.

But while we see no problem with not intervening, many of us judge God by a different standard. Given all the suffering in the world why doesn’t he intervene to stop it? He either doesn’t exist or doesn’t care. Well, the Bible tells us that for now God is letting nature take its course – not the perfect world he created but rather the one we have despoiled by our rejection of him. On the other hand we are also a species at risk just like the green turtles, and for the sake of conservation God has indeed intervened. He sent his Son Jesus to die on a cross, to break the hold of sin and selfishness and prepare for creation to be restored.

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