Don’t be Cinderella

It was 10pm and my youngest daughter called me to say that she was on her way home from a party in London.  The only problem was that, like Cinderella, she had left it too late.  She had to catch a bus and then a tube, and she simply didn’t have enough time to get to the station before the last train left for the night.  It seemed as if she would be stranded.


As with the party so with life.  It’s the easiest thing in the world to get so caught up with the present that we give no thought to the need to prepare for the life to come.  As the saying goes, “Eat, drink and be merry because tomorrow you die.”


But for us, as for Cinderella, this party, this life must come to an end and when it does will we find our way home to the future that God intends for us?  Cinderella escaped just in time and was saved in the end by her Prince Charming.


This life is given us to enjoy and enjoy to the full.  But we make a mistake if we become so distracted by this world’s pleasures that we forget to work out how we’re going to get home.

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