Dog vs Cat!

One Christmas my youngest daughter’s wish was finally granted and a new kitten joined our family.  No one was more delighted than our dog Percy who quickly realised that a new source of food had now become available  – not because he could eat the cat you understand, but because when no one was looking he could help himself to it’s food.  It didn’t take long for us to work out what was going on as we kept finding the cat’s food bowls licked spotlessly clean, and far from where they should have been.  Percy was giving in to temptation and clearly needed help!


So we tied a strap to the door which meant it would open just wide enough to allow the cat, but not the dog.


Sometimes we too need to take action, when we realise that our self-control is not as good as we need it to be and we repeatedly find ourselves falling short of the standards we aspire to.  Giving in to temptation usually leads us to harm either ourselves or those around us, and the Bible has straightforward advice for such situations – take action!

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