Do it again!

In the 1940s a professor of theology took his students on a tour of English sites of theological significance. Included on the tour was the home of John Wesley the founder of Methodism and a pivotal figure in the 18thcentury revival that swept through England and North America. At the end of the tour the professor realised that one of his students was not on the bus. Returning to the house he found him kneeling by the side of Wesley’s bed, his knees resting in the imprints left by Wesley from his many hours spent praying for revival. The student was praying earnestly ‘Do it again Lord’. The professor tapped him on the shoulder and said, ‘It’s time to go’ and with that Billy Graham rose to his feet and left. It’s estimated that over the next 60 years Graham preached the Good News of Jesus to over 2 billion people and saw over 3 million make a personal decision to follow Christ. God did indeed ‘do it again’.

Over the years many have noted the decline of the church and written her off. But they reckon without God’s willingness to ‘do it again’!

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