Crank handle vs Starter Motor

In the old days cars usually had to be started by getting out of the car and inserting a crank handle through a hole in the front, which then had to be turned with some effort in order to turn the engine over and get it started.  At some point – presumably leaving a party late at night in the pouring rain – somebody thought that there must be a more sensible way of doing things and invented the electric starter motor.  As a result the mechanism by which the car is started has changed radically, but the effect remains the same.


In a similar way we see the same sort of transition between the Old and New Testaments in the Bible.  God’s intention has always been that human beings should be in relationship with him, but before Jesus this relationship had to be mediated through obedience to law and an elaborate system of sacrifices and Temple worship.  Since Jesus’ once and for all sacrifice on the cross, however, now all we have to do is come to him in faith and accept the gift of relationship that he offers.  The mechanism may have changed but the effect – God’s desire for us to know him as Father and friend – remain the same.

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