Changes to the iOS App

Dear Friends

Those of you who use the iOS version of the app will have noticed that in recent weeks the audio has stopped working. Sadly this is not something that we are able to fix.

Since we built the app for Turn The Page, Apple have changed the criteria for the kind of apps they will approve, and this does not now include any app that simply replicates what a website might do. So while they won’t remove Turn The Page from the store it is not possible for us to make any changes or fix any problems that arise.

We anticipated that over time we would reach a point where the app would no longer work and that we would have to find other platforms for the stories. As you may know they are already available across social media (search for @ttpstories) and also as a podcast in iTunes (search for Turn The Page). We will keep the app running for the foreseeable future but if you are enjoying listening to the stories can I encourage you to find and subscribe to the podcast (you can still read the stories on the podcast in the episode notes.)

Thanks so much for reading and listening to the stories.

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