Breaking up is never easy

 ‘Breaking up is never easy I know, but this time I have to go!’ So sang ABBA in their hit song Knowing Me, Knowing You. Anyone who has ever been through a painful relationship breakdown will identify with the tragic lyrics of the song.

The fact is that there is no cost-free way of dissolving a committed relationship. I well remember the speaker at a summer youth camp illustrating this fact by sticking together two self-adhesive address labels, and then pulling them apart again. Both were damaged in the process.

There is, however, one exception to this. The Bible illustrates the breakdown of relationship between God and humankind in the story of Adam and Eve. In the great separation that follows their rejection of God no damage is done to his divine nature. On his part no hurt, no pain, no resentment or bitterness. Instead God immediately sets about working to restore the relationship. This will eventually involve the suffering and death of his son Jesus, in a sacrifice that will once and for all reverse the tragedy of Eden.

In this life painful separations are inevitable. But because of Jesus so too are wonderful reconciliations possible.

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