Birth Pains

David Attenborough has warned world leaders that we are “on the verge of destabilising the entire planet” unless urgent action is taken to limit climate change.

Now like many people I take seriously my responsibility to look after the planet – I recycle everything I can, compost my peelings and tea bags, and avoid single-use plastic as much as possible. I’ve even reverted to using bars of soap. But I don’t do these things because I’m worried that the world will come to an end if I don’t. As a Christian I don’t believe that this world will last forever. I do these things because I believe God loves all that he has created, and humans made in his image have a responsibility to be wise and careful stewards of creation.

My Bible tells me that because of our selfish actions the world has become subject to decay. St Paul writes about creation groaning ‘as in the pains of childbirth’ and talks of the hope that one day creation will be liberated from its bondage to decay.

So, I’m going to keep on doing everything I can to look after God’s wonderful world, waiting for the promised day of new birth and glorious recreation.

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