Beneath the Surface

Running a marathon is gruelling enough at the best of times. So, spare a thought for Sally Orange who ran one 1000 feet below ground in a North Yorkshire mine. She ran in order to raise awareness of World Mental Health Day, and the run was called ‘Beneath the Surface’ because with mental health you can’t see what’s going on in someone else’s mind.

Anyone who has suffered with depression will be able to identify with the words of Jonah from the Old Testament. He quite literally found himself in a deep dark place – the belly of a fish – from where he cried out, ‘the deep surrounded me… to the roots of the mountains I sank down… my life was ebbing away’. That’s what depression feels like – utter hopelessness. Jonah’s path back to life began with a decision to call for help. In his case he called out to God and in doing so rediscovered hope. He remembered that he was loved and that his life did have ultimate meaning and purpose.

For all who suffer with depression the path to recovery is the same – ask for help, and remember that you are loved and that your life is significant.

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