Ben S

My childhood was tumultuous.  I did not meet my parents until I was 8 1/2 years old, and when I did reunite with them as total strangers, my dad turned out to be emotionally abusive.  I had first encountered God when my parents, who were not Christian, sent me to Lutheran school starting in 6th grade, but I started walking away from Him in university, gradually turning to video games, drinking, and partying to flee and distract myself from the pain and inferiority complex that was in my subconscious.  I was experiencing success financially and socially, and though my father had strongly influenced me to major in engineering in university, I had slowly evolved my career toward my own personal interests, from engineering to toy and video game companies.

My rediscovery of God’s presence started when I met my wife Rose, who turned out to be a Christian pastor’s daughter.  I started going to church again, and slowly God began to work on me, tearing away layer upon layer of unbelief and sin I had built up over the years.  One day as I was listening to a Sunday sermon in church about daring our faith, God began to move me, and I teared up knowing that despite His clear reminder of His presence in my life through my marriage to Rose, I had done nothing to dare my faith beyond attending church on Sundays.  That same week at work I felt a heavy emptiness and weariness fall over me as I finally acknowledged the toll my stressful corporate job was having on my family, health, and happiness.  On paper, I had my dream job paying a six-figure salary, and yet I was unsatisfied, empty.  I finally faced up to the fact that the American dream of money, status, and career success was a lie.  I discovered that only God’s love could heal and fulfill me, and by His grace, I was finally able to forgive my father.  I can honestly say that having turned this page in my life I have never felt happier or freer.

Ben S

Former Games Company Executive

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