Be Still

Returning to the changing room, after a relaxing sauna and Jacuzzi, I was dismayed to discover that my locker key was not in the pocket of my swimming trunks where I always put it. There was only one place it could be – it must have floated out of my pocket while I was in the Jacuzzi and now be lying at the bottom. My heart sank as I pictured the surface of the water, a maelstrom of churning water and bubbles – it would be impossible to see the bottom and find the key. I made my way back and was delighted to discover that all the jets stopped, and the surface of the water was a flat calm. I quickly located the key and retrieved both it and my embarrassment!


As with the Jacuzzi so too in life – our lives rush along at a hectic pace, often filled with turmoil and confusion, and sometimes it becomes impossible to see the way ahead. Sometimes we simply have to stop and find a stillness that allows our souls to settle before we can see clearly again. It’s no coincidence, therefore, that the Jesus who promised to give us ‘life in all its fullness’ is also called the Prince of Peace.

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