Are you a moth or a bee?

During the summer months moths and bees are regular visitors to my bedroom. The moths are drawn to the brightness of my bedside light and bees have made a nest in the flat roof above. On the one hand the moths seem restless and uncertain, endlessly approaching the light but never actually landing on it. By contrast the bees are focussed and busy. In the morning they fly out looking for flowers and when they find them, they dive straight in. The flower gives them exactly what they are looking for – nectar and pollen – which will feed and nourish their colony and allow the flowers themselves to reproduce.

In a similar way when it comes to exploring our spiritual lives, some of us are moths and some of us are bees. The moths among us are endlessly hovering but can never quite settle or commit – the light of God draws us near, but we never land. Others of us are like bees – when we meet Jesus we know that we’ve found what our hearts where longing for. We dive in and feast on what we find. As the famous ancient Bishop Augustine put it, ‘Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in you, O God.’

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