And now for something completely different

Named after the flag flown by ships preparing to set sail, the British children’s TV programme Blue Peter has certainly lived up to its name, taking generations of children on a voyage of adventure and discovery. Over 60 years the show’s presenters have brought amazing experiences into our homes and shown us things we might never otherwise have seen.  Who can forget the baby elephant having a ‘toilet accident’ live on TV, or John Noakes climbing a ladder up Nelson’s column or flying off a bobsleigh at high speed?


Watching the programme my abiding memory is of thinking “I wish I could do that”. In a similar way I have no doubt that those around Jesus and his disciples two thousand years ago would have felt exactly the same. Jesus launched his friends on an amazing voyage of adventure and discovery as the things of the Kingdom of God started breaking into the world. As I looked forward with anticipation to each new episode of Blue Peter so the disciples must have looked forward to each new day with Jesus; and while I never did get to be a Blue Peter presenter the great news is that I did get to be a disciple of Jesus!

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