Advent 20 – Jesus, the perfect fit

My sister-in-law, a professional musician, was married three days after Christmas. The Church was still beautifully decorated including a crib scene with real straw and knitted figures. But shortly before the service was about to begin sad news arrived. Due to the cancellation of his flight the friend who would play violin during the signing of the registers was not going to arrive in time. Fortunately, another violin player was amongst the guests and by chance, yet another had an antique violin in the boot of his car. The only thing that was missing was a chin rest. No one had one of those. But then someone noticed the knitted figure of the baby Jesus laying in the manger. He was the perfect size and shape and came to the rescue just in time.

This Christmas we all have the opportunity to see Jesus lying in a manger. The question is whether we will leave him there or whether we will take him out so that he can help us with our lives. Like the violinist at the wedding there are times when only Jesus will do because he’s the perfect size and shape to fill the God-shaped hole in our lives.

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