Taking a Break

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Turn The Page is taking a two week break from today, but we’ll be back with a Sixty Second Gospel reading on Wednesday 17th August.  Why not use this break to catch up with any stories you may have missed, or to listen to all the Gospel readings from the beginning? You may like to know that we are currently … Read More

As Big As You Think?

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It has always been my opinion that the words ‘camping’ and ‘holiday’ don’t belong together in the same sentence, and it was for this reason that when we did decide to buy a tent, we bought one that claimed to be able to accommodate 12 men – for the five of us!   Now those of you who know about … Read More

Love Your Enemies

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Think of D Day and the image that immediately springs to mind is of the beaches of Normandy. But the first significant engagement of the day actually took place inland just after midnight while the landing craft were still in the Channel. The target was a small bridge that crossed the Caen River and the canal that ran beside it … Read More

Counting Every Hair

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In the same week that France suffered yet another terrorist atrocity at the hands of someone claiming to act in the name of God, it was reported that the President of France, Francois Hollande, spends some €100,000 a year on his barber. Given the weight of responsibility that he carries as leader of his nation, and the multiple problems with … Read More

Sixty Second Gospel Mark 4:9-20

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9 “Are you listening to this? Really listening?”   10-12 When they were off by themselves, those who were close to him, along with the Twelve, asked about the stories. He told them, “You’ve been given insight into God’s kingdom—you know how it works. But to those who can’t see it yet, everything comes in stories, creating readiness, nudging them toward receptive … Read More

Proper Perspective

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Viewed straight on the painting of Virgin and Child with Saints Jerome and Dominic, by the 15th century Italian painter Filippino Lippi, doesn’t look quite right. The picture shows the Virgin Mary cradling the infant Jesus on her knee, with the saints at prayer in the foreground. But the perspective is off, and for many years art critics pointed out … Read More

Unbreakable love

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In George Orwell’s novel, 1984, Winston Smith rebels against the totalitarian state in which he lives by illegally keeping a diary of his own thoughts, and by embarking on an illicit affair with the beautiful Julia. Caught by the security forces Winston is subjected to months of torture, in an attempt to break his will and his love for Julia. … Read More

Sixty Second Gospel Mark 3:31-4:8

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31-32 Just then his mother and brothers showed up. Standing outside, they relayed a message that they wanted a word with him. He was surrounded by the crowd when he was given the message, “Your mother and brothers and sisters are outside looking for you.”   33-35 Jesus responded, “Who do you think are my mother and brothers?” Looking around, taking in … Read More


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Well yesterday turned out to be a great day for British sportsmen, as Andy Murray took the Wimbledon crown for the 2nd time, and Lewis Hamilton won his fourth British Grand Prix.  It’s worth remembering that such success does not come overnight but is the result of years of dedicated hard work – Murray was just three years old when … Read More

Help Me!

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As a child, my friend and I loved nothing more than riding our tricycles. One day he suggested that rather than sit on the saddle, it would be more fun to sit on one of the rear mud guards and free wheel down the hill outside our houses. My friend went first without mishap, but when I followed I overbalanced … Read More